IT consultants must regularly remove stubborn, often regenerative and corrupting spyware and viruses from client machines. HWDS preferred strategy for quickly returning systems to stable operation.

It's inevitable that clients will infect workstations, PCs, and laptops with spyware and viruses. Regardless of preventive steps, from gateway protection to automated scans to written Internet use policies, malware threats sneak through even layered defenses.

What makes the situation worse is that many clients aren't willing to invest in standalone antispyware software, even though they understand the need for minimal antivirus protection. Clients who won't invest in preventive measures find it easier to justify paying three or even four times the cost of prevention to re-mediate infections once a debilitating disruption strikes their systems or network.

Some IT professionals advocate simply wiping systems and re-installing Windows, while others suggest that's akin to giving up and letting the bad guys win. The truth lies somewhere in between. High West Digital Solutions can remove viruses on your PC and set you up with good virus protection for the future.


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